We've spent the last few months working on a lot of new things for Quisition but the first thing we knew we wanted to get out there was a completely new design.

Pretty much every single page on the entire site was rethought. We tried to call out the actions available on each page more clearly, visually indicate different objects on the site with different styling and make better use of the side bar area to separate primary and secondary information.

We hope you find our new design easier to use and more of a pleasure to learn with. Take some time to look around, but here are some samples:

http://quisition.com/site_media/static/img/screens/homepage_small.png http://quisition.com/site_media/static/img/screens/deck_detail_small.png http://quisition.com/site_media/static/img/screens/my_decks_small.png http://quisition.com/site_media/static/img/screens/pack_detail_small.png http://quisition.com/site_media/static/img/screens/testing_small.png