For the last few months, we've been testing out a new feature on Quisition: Topics. They're a great way to find higher quality packs on subjects that interest you but also will be the foundation of a whole range of new features we'll roll out in the coming months.

A topic might be a language, like French or a scientific discipline like Physics. Topics are proposed by our users. Other users can then follow a proposed topic, suggest packs to include and vote on those suggested by others.

Once a proposed topic has 10 followers and at least 5 packs each with a vote of 5 or more, the topic is launched. Those packs that received a vote of 5 or more become part of the topic. Packs that didn't make the cut still remain as suggested packs that can be voted on and more packs can be suggested for the topic.

You can optionally get emailed a weekly report on how the topics and proposed topics you follow are going.

So if you'd like to start a community of people wanting to learn a particular subject, why not propose a topic, suggest some packs for it then spread the word to get more followers for your proposal.

See if any of the packs you've created or are studying would be good suggestions for an existing or proposed topic. And be sure to upvote (or downvote) existing suggestions.

In the future we plan to expand topics to include discussion forums, links to resources and more.

Join the topics you are interested in and help build the Quisition community!