greek and latin roots quiz

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Micro- small  
mono- one, single  
multi- many  
anthropo- man  
-logy study of, science of  
phono- sound  
photo- light  
post- after  
pre- before  
anti- against  
pseudo- false  
thermo- heat, temperature  
psycho- mind  
helio- sun  
macro- large  
bio- life  
chrono- time  
circum- around  
auto- self  
aqua- water  
poly- many  
zyg- pair  
neuro- nerve  
corpus- body  
derm- skin  
hemi- half  
avi- bird  
chlor- green  
opthalamo- eye  
sub- below, under  
entomo- insect  
contra- against  
cardi- heart  
magni- great, large  
hypo- below, under  
zoo- animal  
sect- cut  
sphere- round, globe  
ornitho- bird  
phyll leaf  
octo- eight (8)  
bene- good  
morpho- form  
epi- upon  
hetero- mixed  
entero- intestine  
-ectomy cut out  
denti-, -dont tooth, teeth  
-phil(e) loving  
-onym name  
neo- new  
arthro- joint  
gastro- stomach  
sol- alone  
dys- faulty, bad  
ped- child  
chrom- color  
luna- moon  
exo- outside  
som(e)- body  
super- over, above  
intro- within  
de- down, away  
ex- out of, from  
nephro- kidney  
per- through  
erg- work  
-itis inflammation  
-osis abnormal  
natal- birth  
frater- brother  
scribo- write  
gen- race, kind  
pedi-, pod- foot  
com- with  

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