Aramaic vocab from Lesson IV

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אִיתַי existence; there is  
אֵל these  
אִלֵּין these  
אִלֵּךְ those  
גְּבוּרָה might  
דָּא this (fem)  
דָּךְ that (fem)  
דֵּךְ that (masc)  
דִּכֵּן that (com)  
דְּנָה this (is) (masc)  
כְּדִי when, as soon as  
מָאן vessel  
מחא Pael-to check, prevent; stay  
מַן who?  
מַן־דִּי whoever  
עַל־מָה why? wherefore?  
פְּלַח to serve, worship (God)  

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