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Selling Style Employee moderate in maturity  
Telling Style Employee low in maturity  
Pariticipative Style Employee moderate to high in maturity  
Delegating Style High mature employees  
Mixed Standard Scale Includes a number of items that describe good, average, or poor performance and require the rater to rate the ratee on each item as either +, -, 0  
Why do you use a mixed standard scale To overcome halo, leniency, and similar rater biases  
What happens when criterion contamination is eliminated Lowers the magnitude of the coefficient  
Groups are more effective when: Members have different skills and knowledge (heterogeneous)  
Roe's Theory Focuses on the relationship between childhood experience and occupational choice.  
ERG Theory of Motivation Existence, relatedness and growth which are the three basic needs  
Super's Theory Self concept and vocational development  
Hollands Hexagon RIASEC  
Realistic Work outside  
Investigative Think through problems  
Conventional Business detail  
Artistic Creative  
Social Social Work; Helping People  
Enterprising Persuading others  
Organizational Development (OD) Broad approach, socially oriented, views organization as a open system.Primary target is human and social relationships  
Selection Program Reliable technique is biographical information and work samples  
Shift Work - Complex tasks involving short term memory Performed better at night  
Loss Aversion We weigh losses more heavily than gains  
Gain/Loss Theory Complient values more by a critic  
Predictive Validity of Interviews Measures of general mental ability most valid predictors across different jobs  

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