Aramaic vocab from Lesson VI

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אֲבַד to perish  
אבד Haphel-to destroy, slay  
אֲמַר to say, command  
גְּנַז treasure  
הֲוָה to be, happen, exist  
טוּר mountain  
טְרַד to drive away  
ידע Haphel-to make known, communicate  
יהב Hithpeel-to be given, be paid  
כְּהַל to be able  
מִדָּה tax, tribute  
מִנְדָּה tax, tribute  
מְטָא to reach, attain, come upon, happen to  
נשׂג Hithpaal-to rise up against  
עִלָּי superior, highest, the Most High  
עֲנָה to answer, to speak up  
צְבָה to desire, wish, like  
רְבָה to grow up, become great  
רוּם height  
שְׁלֵט to rule, have power over  
שַׁלִּיט mighty, officer, it is allowed, empowered, official  
שְׁרָה to loosen; to dwell  
תְּקִף to be strong, become strong  

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