Aramaic vocab from Lesson IX

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אִילָן tree  
דָּת decree, command, order, law  
זמן Hithpeel/Hithpaal-to agree, decide  
כּנשׁ Hithpaal-to assemble  
נוּר fire  
עֲבַר the opposite bank  
קטל Peil/Hithpeel/Hithpaal-to be killed  
רמה Hithpeel-to be thrown  
שַׂגִּיא great, much, many; very  
שׂכל Hithpaal-to consider  
שׁבק Hithpeel-to be left, pass on to  
שְׁלַח to send  
תּקל Peil-to be weighed  
תּקן Hophal-to be reestablished  

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