Aramaic vocab from Lesson X

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בּדר Pael-to disperse, scatter  
בּהל Hithpaal-to be frightened, be perplexed  
בּקר Pael-to seek, investigate  
בּרךְ Pael-to bless  
גּזר Hithpeel/ithpeel-to be cut out, break off  
חֲלַף to pass over, pass by  
חסן Haphel/Aphel-to occupy, possess  
חֲשַׁב to consider; respect  
טעם Pael-to feed, give to eat  
מַדְבַּח altar  
סעד Pael-to help, aid  
עבד Hithpeel-to be made, turned into, be done  
פּשׁר Pael-to interpret  
צלח Haphel/Aphel-to (cause to) prosper, fare well, make progress  
קרב Pael-to offer  
שׁבח Pael-to praise  
שׁכח Haphel-to find; Hithpeel-to be found  

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