Aramaic vocab from Lesson XI

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אבד Hophal-to be destroyed  
אֲזַל to go (to or away)  
אֲכַל to eat  
אמן Haphel-to trust in  
אֲרַק earth  
יבל Haphel-to bring; Saphel-to offer, bring, lay, preserve  
יְגַר heap of stones  
יְטַב to be pleasing  
יסף Hophal-to be added  
יעט Ithpaal-to take counsel together  
יתב Haphel-to settle, cause to dwell  
מְדִינָה province, town, city  
נחת Haphel/Aphel-to deposit  
נצל Haphel/Aphel-to rescue, deliver  
שָׂהֲדוּ witness, testimony  
שֵׁיזִב to rescue  

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