Aramaic vocab from Lesson XII

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אֲפָֽרְסָי a title of officials  
אֲפַרְסַתְכָי a title of officials  
אַרְכְּוָי an inhabitant of Uruk  
בָּֽבְלָי Babylonian  
דּהוא which is, that is  
דִּינָיֵא judges [traditionally a proper name]  
זור Haphel-to act presumptuously  
זון Hithaphel-to live (on); subsist (on)  
חיט Aphel-to join together; repair, lay, inspect  
טַרְפְּלָי a class of officials  
כְּנֵמָא thus  
נוד to flee  
סוף to be fulfilled; Aphel-to put an end to, annihilate  
סָפַר clerk, secretary, scribe  
עֵלְמָי Elamite  
קום Pael-to set up, establish; Haphel/Aphel-to set up, found, appoint, establish; Hophal-to be set up  
רום to rise, be high, be haughty; Aphel-to raise, heighten; Polel-to praise; Hithpolel-to rise up against  
שׂים Hithaphel-to be put; be made  
שׁוּשַׁנְכָי an inhabitant of Susa; Susanian  

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