Aramaic vocab from Lesson XIII

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אשׁ foundation  
גּדד to cut down  
גּלה Haphel-to take into exile  
דּקק to crush; Haphel/Aphel-to crush  
חנן to show mercy  
טלל Aphel-to seek shade; make a nest  
יַקִּיר difficult, honorable  
כּלל Shaphel-to finish; Hishtaphal-to be finished  
כְּעֶנֶת and now  
מלל Pael-to speak  
עלל to go in, enter; Haphel-to bring in; Hophal-to be brought in  
פַּרְשֶׁגֶן copy  
רעע to crush; Pael-to crush  
שׁוּר wall  
שׁמם Ithpoel-to be appalled  

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