Aramaic vocab from Lesson XV

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אֲזָה to light, heat  
אֲרִיךְ fitting, becoming  
אֶשְׁתַּדּוּר revolt  
אתה Haphel-to bring  
דָּכְרָן record (book)  
הוךְ to go  
הֲלַךְ to go, reach  
הלךְ Pael/Aphel-to walk about  
חרב Hophal-to be laid waste  
ידה Haphel/Aphel-to praise  
יצא Shaphel-to finish, be finished  
מְלַח verb-to eat salt, be under obligation of loyalty; noun-salt  
סבל Poel-to bring, lay, preserve  
סֲגַר to shut  
סלק Haphel-to take up; Hophal-to be lifted up  
עַרְוָה nakedness, shame  
שֵׁיצִיא to finish, be finished  
שְׁתָה to drink  

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