Aramaic vocab from Lesson XVI

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אֶדְרָע arm, force  
בְּהִילוּ hurry  
הַנְזָקָה injury; damage  
זְהִיר warned, cautious  
חֲבָל hurt, damage  
חֲלָק a share in  
מְרַד rebellion  
נִשְׁתְּוָן decree, official document  
פּרשׁ Pael-to separate, interpret, translate  
פִּתְגָם word, decree  
קרא Peil-to be read, be shouted  
שְׂגָא to grow great  
שָׁלוּ negligence  
שְׁלָם welfare, hail (salutation)  
תַּקִּיף strong, mighty  

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