Aramaic vocab from Lesson XVII

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אָסְפַּרְנָא exactly, eagerly  
אֲפַרְסְכָי a title of officials  
אשׁרן wall (traditionally "beam")  
בְּטֵל to cease, be discontinued, stop  
בִּנְיָן building  
גְּלָל squared (stones)  
כְּתַל wall  
נבא Hithpaal-to prophesy, act as a prophet  
עֲבִידָה work, administration, toil, service  
קַדְמָה former time, formerly  
שָׂב hoary, elders  
שְׁאֵל to ask, require  
שׁרה Pael-to begin  
תּוב Haphel/Aphel-to give back, deliver, answer  
תַּרְתֵּין two (fem.)  

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