Aramaic vocab from Lesson XVIII

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אֲתַר place, trace  
בִּירָה fortified place, fortress  
בּקר Hithpaal-to be investigated  
בְּרַם yet, but  
דְּבַח to sacrifice; noun-sacrifice (of slain animals)  
דִּכְרוׂן record  
יהב Peil-to be given  
כַּשְׂדָּי Chaldaean  
לָהֵן except, but, yet  
מְגִלָּה scroll, roll  
מָדַי Media, Mede(s)  
סְתַר to demolish  
פְּתָי breadth  
רְעוּ will, decision  
שִׁתִּין sixty  

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