Aramaic vocab from Lesson XIX

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אִמַּר lamb  
דְּכַר ram  
זְקַף to impale  
חֲדַת new  
חֲמַר wine  
חַשְׁחָה need  
מֵאמַר word, order  
מחא Hithpeel-to be impaled  
מְשַׁח (anointing) oil  
נִדְבָּךְ layer (of stones or wood)  
נְוָלוּי refuse heap, ruins  
נִיחוׂחַ incense  
נְכַס riches  
נסח Hithpeel-to be pulled out  
נִפְקָה expense  
עלוָה burnt offering  
קרב Haphel-to bring near, offer  
רַחִיק far  
שְׁבַק to leave  

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