Test Construction

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What is Differential Validity? When different groups show different validity coefficients. This is what is suggested when you have different regression line slopes in a scatterplot.  
Factorial validity Test or test items correlate with facotrs that they would be expected to correlate with.  
Convergent validity Test correlates with similar constructs  
Divergent Validity No correlation with unrelated construct  
Item Response Curve Tells you the items difficulty level, ability to discriminate between those who are high and low on the characteristic being measured and the probability of answering the item correctly by guessing.  
Communality Is a measure of common variance  
Pearson r Both variables are on a continuous scale  
Spearman rho Both variables expressed in ranks  
Biserial correlation coefficient used when one variable is an artificial dichotomy and the other variable is continuous  
Point Biserial One variable is true dichotomy and other is continuous  
KR-20 used: Method for assessing internal consistency when test items are socred dichotomously  
When using Test/Retest reliability It must measure a stable trait  

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