Case ending with final vowel in parentheses to determine gender

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ις (οις) masculine or neuter, dative, plural  
- (η, α) feminine, nominative, singular  
ν (ον) neuter, genitive, singular; and masculine or neuter, accusative, singular  
ι (ῳ) masculine or neuter, dative, singular  
ων (ων) masculine, feminine, & neuter, genitive, plural  
υς (ους) masculine, accusative, plural  
α (α) neuter, accusative and nominative, plural  
ς (ος) masculine, nominative, singular  
ς (ης, ας) feminine, nominative, singular  
υ (ου) masculine or neuter, genitive, singular  
ν (ην, αν) feminine, accusative, singular  
ι (ᾳ, ῃ) feminine, dative, singular  
ι (οι) masculine, nominative, plural  
ι (αι) feminine, nominative, plural  

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