Separate flash cards for prepositions as they appear in context with various cases

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ὑπό with the genitive by  
ἐν (always) with the dative in, on, among  
περί with the accusative around  
εἰς (always) with the accusative into, in, among  
ἐπι (ἐπ', εθ') with the dative on the basis of, at  
ἐκ (ἐξ) (always) with the genitive from, out of  
ἑως (always) with the genitive; distinguish from conjunction form as far as; conjunction: until  
ὑπέρ with the accusative above  
παρά (παρ') with the accusative alongside of  
κατά (κατ', καθ') with the accusative according to, throughout, during  
ἔξω (always) with the genitive; distinguish from adverb form outside; adverb: without  
μετα (μεθ', μετ') with the genitive with  
διά (δι') with the accusative on account of  
ἀπό (ἀπ') (always) with the genitive (away) from  
ἐπι (ἐπ', εθ') with the genitive on, over, when  
πρός (always) with the accusative to, towards, with  
παρά (παρ') with the dative beside, in the presence of  
ἐνώπιον (always) with the genitive before  
σύν (always) with the dative with  
ὑπό with the accusative under  
κατά (κατ', καθ') with the genitive down from, against  
ἐπι (ἐπ', εθ') with the accusative on, to, against  
περί with the genitive on, over, when  
διά (δι') with the genitive through  
μετα (μεθ', μετ') with the accusative after  
ὑπέρ with the genitive in behalf of  
παρά (παρ') with the genitive from  

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