Hebrew Vowels

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T Qamets; Father OR Qamets Chatuph; o in yellow  
- Patach; aqua  
-: Chateph Patach; aqua  
הT Qamets Hey; aqua  
.. Tsere; they  
:. (inverted triangle) Segol; they  
::. Chateph Segol; they  
י.. Tsere Yod; eight  
י:.(inverted triangle) Segol Yod  
. (dot under middle of letter) Chireq; i in machine  
י. Chireq Yod  
. (dot over top left of letter) Cholem; o in yellow  
T: Chateph Qamets; o in yellow  
T Qamets Chatuph; o in yellow OR Qamets; Father  
high dot over Vav Cholem Vav; o in yellow  
three diagonal dots under Qibbuts; u in blue  
dot in a vav shureq; u in blue  
: under sheva'; vocal- short e; silent, no sound  

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