Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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בָּרַךְ Qal Passive Participle-blessed, praised, adored; Pi-bless, praise (327)  
זָכַר Qal-to remember, recall, call to mind, mention; Ni-be remembered, be thought of; Hi-cause to be remembered, remind, mention (235)  
חָזַק Qal-to be strong, grow firm, have courage; Pi-make firm, make strong, strengthen; Hi-strengthen, seize, grasp, take hold of; Hith-strengthen oneself, show oneself as strong or courageous (290)  
יָדַע Qal-to know, have understanding, notice, observe, become acquainted with, have intercourse with; Ni-become known, reveal oneself; Hi-make known, inform (956)  
כָּבֵד Qal-to be heavy, be weighty, be honored; Ni-be honored; Pi-make insensitive, honor; Hi-make heavy, dull or insensitive, harden heart, cause to be honored (114)  
כָּתַב Qal-to write upon, register, record; Ni-be written (225)  
מָלֵא Qal-to be full, fill up; Ni-be filled; Pi-fill, perform, carry out, consecrate as priest (252)  
מָלַךְ Qal-to be king or queen, reign, rule; Hi-make someone king or queen, install someone as king or queen (350)  
מָצָא Qal-to find out, reach, obtain, achieve; Ni-be found, be found sufficient (457)  
פָּקַד Qal-to attend, attend to, pay attention to, take care of, miss someone, muster, number, appoint, visit; Ni-be missed, be visited, be appointed; Hi-appoint, entrust (304)  
שָׁכַב Qal-to lie down, have sexual intercourse with (213)  
שָׁלַח Qal-to send, stretch out; Pi-send, stretch out, send away, expel, let go free; Pu-be set away (847)  
שָׁמַר Qal-to watch over, guard, keep, observe, preserve, protect, take care of; Ni-to be kept, be protected, be on one's guard (469)  

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