Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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בּוׂא Qal-to go in, enter, come to, come upon, arrive; Hi-bring in, come in; Hoph-be brought (2,592)  
בָּנָה Qal-to build, rebuild, build a family; Ni-be built, get a child from (377)  
יָלַד Qal-to bear children, give birth, bring forth, beget; Ni-be born; Pi-help at birth, serve as midwife; Pu-be born; Hi-beget, become the father of (499)  
יָרֵא Qal-to fear, be afraid, be in awe of, reverence, hold in deference; Ni-be feared, be held in honor (317)  
יָרַד Qal-to go down, come down, descend; Hi-bring down, lead down (382)  
לָקַח Qal-to take, grasp, capture, seize, lay hold of, accept, receive; Ni-be captured, be taken away; Pu-be taken away (967)  
מוּת Qal-to die; Hi-kill, put to death; Hoph-be killed, suffer death (845)  
נָפַל Qal-to fall, fall prostrate, fall upon; Hi-cause to fall, bring to ruin (435)  
נָשָׂא Qal-to lift, carry, raise, bear, take away; Ni-be carried, be lifted up, be exalted; Pi-lift up, exalt; Hith-lift oneself up, exalt oneself (659)  
עָלָה Qal-to go up, ascend; Ni-be taken up; Hi-bring or lead up or out, offer up sacrifice (894)  
עָבַר Qal-to pass over, pass through, pass by, cross; Hi-cause to pass over, bring over, cause or allow to pass through, cause to pass through fire, sacrifice (553)  
עָמַד Qal-to stand, take one's stand, stand still; Hi-station, set up, set in position, appoint, designate (524)  
קוּם Qal-to rise, arise, get up, stand up; Hi-set up, erect, put up, cause to arise, establish (627)  
קָרָא Qal-to call, summon, proclaim, announce, shout, read aloud, give a name to; Ni-be called, be summoned, be proclaimed (739)  
שׁוּב Qal-to turn back, return, go back, come back, turn away from; Hi-cause to return, bring back, lead back, give back, restore; Polel-bring back, restore (1,075)  
שִׂים Qal-to set up, put, place, lay upon, set in place, establish, confirm (588)  
פֹּה here, at this place (82)  

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