Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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חָיָה Qal-to live, be alive, stay alive, revive, restore to life; Pi-preserve alive, let live, give life; Hi-preserve, keep alive, revive, restore to life (283)  
יָכׂל Qal-to be able, be capable of, endure, prevail, be victorious (193)  
כָּרַת Qal-to cut off, cut down, make a covenant; Hi-cut off, eliminate, destroy, exterminate (289)  
סוּר Qal-to turn aside, turn off, leave off, desist; Hi-remove, take away, get rid of (298)  
עָבַד Qal-to work, serve, toil, till, cultivate (289)  
עָנָה Qal-to answer, respond, reply, testify; Ni-be answered, receive answer (316)  
אׂזֶן ear (188)  
אַיִל ram, ruler, mighty (171)  
זֶבַח sacrifice (162)  
צְדָקָה righteousness, righteous act, justice (159)  
צָפוׂן north, northern (153)  
אָז then, since, before (141)  
אַף also, indeed, even (133)  
פֶּן־ lest, otherwise (133)  

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