Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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גָּאַל Qal-to redeem, deliver, act as kinsman, avenge (104)  
חָטָא Qal-to miss a goal or mark, sin, commit a sin; Pi-make a sin offering; Hi-induce or cause to sin (240)  
יָסַף Qal-to add, continue; Hi-add, increase, do again or more (213)  
יָרַשׁ Qal-to inherit, take possession of, dispossess, take away someone's property; Hi-cause to possess or inherit, dispossess, impoverish (232)  
כָּסָה Qal-to cover, conceal, hide; Pi-cover up, conceal, clothe (153)  
נָטָה Qal-to spread out, stretch out, extend, pitch a tent, turn, bend; Hi-turn, incline, stretch out, spread out (216)  
עָזַב Qal-to leave, leave behind, forsake, abandon, set free, let go (214)  
קָרַב Qal-to approach, draw near, come near, make a sexual advance; Hi-bring near, present, offer a sacrifice or offering (280)  
רָבָה Qal-to be numerous, be great, increase; Hi-make many, make great, multiply, increase (229)  
שָׁתָה Qal-to drink (217)  
תָּמַם Qal-to be complete or finished, come to an end, cease, be consumed, be spent, be burned out (64)  
כַּף (fs)hand, palm sole of the foot (195)  
רֵעַ friend, companion, neighbor (188)  
נֶגֶד opposite, in front of (151)  

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