Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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אָבַד Qal-to perish, vanish, become lost, go astray; Pi-cause to perish, destroy; Hi-exterminate (185)  
אָהַב Qal-to love; Pi Participle-lover (217)  
אָסַף Qal-to gather in, take in, take away, destroy; Ni-be gathered, assemble, be taken away (200)  
בָּעַר Qal-to burn up, consume; Pi-kindle, burn (60)  
גָּלָה Qal-to uncover, reveal, disclose; Ni-uncover oneself, be revealed, be exposed; Pi-uncover, reveal, disclose; Hi-take into exile (187)  
טָהֵר Qal-to be clean, be pure; Pi-cleanse, purify; Hith-purify or cleanse oneself (94)  
כָּלָה Qal-to be complete, be finished, be at an end, come to an end, be accomplished, be spent, be exhausted; Pi-complete, finish, bring to an end (207)  
רוּם Qal-to be high, be exalted, rise, arise; Hi-raise, lift up, exalt, take away; Hoph-be exalted; Polel-exalt, bring up, extol, raise children (197)  
שָׁפַט Qal-to judge, make a judgment, decide between, settle a dispute; Ni-go to court, plead, dispute (204)  
אֱמֶת truth, fidelity (127)  
כִּסֵּא seat, chair, throne (135)  
מִסְפָּר number (134)  
עֶשֶׂר ten (492)  
שֶׁמֶשׁ sun (134)  

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