Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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זָבַח Qal-to slaughter, sacrifice; Pi-offer sacrifice, sacrifice (134)  
חָנָה Qal-to decline, campe, encamp, pitch camp, lay seige to (143)  
נוּחַ Qal-to rest, settle down, repose; Hi-cause to rest, secure rest, set, lay, leave (140)  
נָסַע Qal-to pull out or up, set out, start out, depart, journey, march (146)  
פָּנָה Qal-to turn toward/from/to the side/away (134)  
פָּתַח Qal-to open; Ni-be opened, be loosened, be set free; Pi-let loose, loosen, free, unsaddle (136)  
רָדַף Qal-to pursue, follow after, chase, persecute (144)  
שָׂנֵא Qal-to hate; Pi ptc.-enemy (the one who hates me) (148)  
שָׁאַר Ni-to remain, be left over, survive; Hi-leave remaining, spare (133)  
בָּמָה cultic high place, hill (106)  
חֻקָּה statute, ordinance (104)  
יָמִין (fs) right hand, south (141)  
מִשְׁכָּן dwelling place, tabernacle (139)  
נַחַל stream, brook, wadi (138)  
רָעָב famine, hunger (101)  

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