Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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אָחַז Qal-to seize, grasp, take hold of, hold fast (63)  
טָמֵא Qal-to become unclean; Ni-to defile oneself; Pi-defile, pronounce or declare unclean; Hith-defile oneself, become unclean (162)  
יָצַר Qal-to form, fashion, shape, create (63)  
נוּס Qal-to flee, escape (160)  
נֶגַע Qal-to touch, strike, reach; Hi-touch, reach, throw, arrive (150)  
סָבַב Qal-to turn about, go around, march around, surround; Ni-turn; Hi-cause to go around, lead around; Polel-encompass with protection (163)  
סָפַר Qal-to count; Pi-count, recount, relate, make known, proclaim, report, tell (107)  
שָׂמַח Qal-to rejoice, be joyful, be glad; Pi-cause to rejoice, gladden, make someone happy (156)  
שָׁבַר Qal-to break, break in pieces, smash, shatter; Ni-be smashed, broken, shattered or destroyed; Pi-shatter, smash, break (149)  
יַחְדָּו together, at the same time (96)  
יַיִן wine (141)  
עֲבׂדָה work, labor, service, worship (145)  
עֵדַה congregation, assembly (171)  
בִּלְתִּי not, except (negates Inf Cstr) (112)  

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