Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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אָמַן Ni-to prove to be reliable, faithful or trustworthy; Hi-believe in, trust, have trust in, put trust in (97)  
יָשַׁע Ni-to be delivered, be victorious, receive help; Hi-help, save, deliver, rescue, come to the aid of (205)  
יָתַר Ni-to be left over, remain; Hi-leave over, have something left over or remaining (106)  
כּוּן Ni-to be established, stand firm, be steadfast, be ready, be arranged; Hi-establish, set up, prepare, make ready, make firm; Polel-set up, establish (219)  
לָחַם Qal/Ni-to fight, do battle with (171)  
מָלַט Ni-to escape, flee to safety, slip away; Pi-let someone escape, save someone, leave undisturbed (94)  
נָחַם Ni-to be sorry, regret, console oneself, comfort oneself, have compassion; Pi-comfort, console (108)  
נָכָה Hi-to strike, smite, beat, strike dead, destroy, injure; Hoph-be struck down dead, be beaten (501)  
נָצַב Ni-to stand firm, take one's stand, station oneself, be positioned; Hi-station, set up, place, establish (74)  
נָצַל Ni-to be rescued, be delivered, be saved, save oneself; Hi-tear from, snatch away, take away, deliver from (213)  
סָתַר Ni-to be hidden, hide oneself; Hi-hide (82)  
פָּלָא Ni-to be extraordinary, be wonderful, be too difficult; Hi-do something wonderful (71)  
רוּץ Qal-to run (104)  
שָׁחַת Pi, Hi-to ruin, destroy, spoil, annihilate (152)  
שָׁמַד Ni-to be exterminated, destroyed or annihilated; Hi-exterminate, annihilate, destroy (90)  

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