Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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בָּקַשׁ Pi-to seek, seek to find, seek to obtain, search for, look for, discover, demand, require; Pu-be sought (225)  
דָּבַר Qal-to speak; Pi-speak to, with or about (1,136)  
הָלַל Pi-to praise, sing halleluja; Pu-be praised be praiseworthy; Hith-boast (146)  
יָדָה Hi-to thank, praise, confess; Hith-confess (112)  
כָּסָה Qal-to cover, conceal, hide; Pi-cover up, conceal, clothe (153)  
מָהַר Pi-to hasten, hurry, go or come quickly (81)  
נָבָא Ni-to prophesy, be in a state of prophetic ecstasy; Hith-speak or behave as a prophet, be in a state of prophetic ecstasy (115)  
נָבַט Hi-to look at or out, gaze, behold (70)  
סָגַר Qal-to shut in, close; Hi-deliver up, hand over, surrender, give up (91)  
צָוָה Pi-to command, give an order, charge; Pu-be ordered, be told, receive a command (496)  
קָטַר Pi-to make a sacrifice go up in smoke, offer a sacrifice by burning; Hi-cause a sacrifice to go up in smoke (115)  
שִׁיר Qal-to sing; singer (ptcp) (88)  
שִׁית Qal-to set, put, place, lay hand upon, set one's mind to (86)  
שָׁרַת Pi-to minister, serve, attend to the service of God (98)  

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