Vocabulary from Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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אָסַר Qal-to tie, bind, fetter, imprison (73)  
זָעַק Qal-to cry out, call for help, summon (73)  
חָזָה Qal-to see, behold, perceive (55)  
חָלָה Qal-to become weak or tired, become sick; Ni-be exhausted, be made sick; Pi-appease, flatter (75)  
חָנַן Qal-to be gracious to, show favor to, favor; Hith-plead for grace, implore favor or compassion (77)  
מָאַס Qal-to refuse, reject, despise (74)  
עוּר Qal-to be awake, stir up; Hi-arouse, rouse, wake up, stir up; Polel-arouse, disturb, awaken  
עָרַךְ Qal-to lay out, set in rows, arrange, set in order, stack wood, draw up a battle formation (75)  
רָחַץ Qal-to wash (with water), wash off or away, bathe, bathe oneself (72)  
שָׂכַל Hi-to understand, comprehend, have insight, make wise, have success (60)  
מַרְאֶה vision, sight, appearance (103)  
נֶגֶב south (112)  
פַּעַם foot, pace, time (118)  

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