Misc. Vocab that was not covered in Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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כּׂה thus, here (577)  
צְדָקָה righteousness, righteous act, justice (159)  
רָעָה evil, wickedness, calamity, disaster (354)  
חָוָה Hishtaphel-to bow down, worship (173)  
בִּין Qal-to understand, perceive, consider, give heed to; Ni-be discerning, have understanding; Hi-understand, make understand, teach; Hith-show oneself perceptive, behave intelligently (171)  
גִּבּוׂר mighty, valiant, heroic; hero (160)  
חַיִּים life, lifetime (140)  
שָׂמַח Qal-to rejoice, be joyful, be glad; Pi-cause to rejoice, gladden, make someone happy (156)  
חָכְמָה wisdom, skill (153)  
מָוֶת death, dying (153)  
צָפוׂן north, northern (153)  
שָׁחַת Pi, Hi-to ruin, destroy, spoil, annihilate (152)  
נֶגֶד opposite, in front of (151)  
נָגַע Qal-to touch, strike, reach; Hi-touch, reach, throw, arrive (150)  
רׂב multitude, abundance, greatness (150)  
שָׂנֵא Qal-to hate; Pi ptc.-enemy (the one who hates me) (148)  
שָׁבַר Qal-to break, break in pieces, smash, shatter; Ni-be smashed, broken, shattered or destroyed; Pi-shatter, smash, break (149)  
הָלַל Pi-to praise, sing halleluja; Pu-be praised be praiseworthy; Hith-boast (146)  
נָסַע Qal-to pull out or up, set out, start out, depart, journey, march (146)  
עֲבׂדָה work, labor, service, worship (145)  
רָדַף Qal-to pursue, follow after, chase, persecute (144)  
חָנָה Qal-to decline, camp, encamp, pitch camp, lay seige to (143)  
אָז then, since, before (141)  
יַיִן wine (141)  
יָמִין (fs) right hand, south (141)  
חַיִּים life, lifetime (140)  
מַעַל above, upward, on top of (140)  
קָרָא Qal-to meet, encounter, befall, happen; with Inf. Cstr. and prep לְ-toward, against, opposite (136)  
עָפָר dust, dry earth (110)  
כָּפַר Pi-to cover, atone, make atonement (102)  
רׂחַב width, breadth, expanse (101)  
שְׁבִיעִי seventh (98)  
אׂרֶךְ length (95)  
עֵבֶר beyond, other side, edge, bank (92)  
שֶׁלֶם peace offering (87)  
פֵּאָה corner, side, edge (86)  
נַעֲרָה young girl, newly married woman, maidservant (76)  
תְּרוּמָה offering, contribution, tribute (76)  
סֶלָה technical poetic notation of uncertain meaning; Ps and Hab (74)  
שָׁלָל plunder, spoil, loot (74)  
בַּל no, never (73)  
גִּבְעָה hill (72)  
רִיב Qal-to strive, contend, quarrel, dispute, conduct a legal case (72)  
זָר foreign, strange (70)  
עֵמֶק valley, plain (70)  
תָּקַע Qal-to drive or thrust a weapon into a person, pitch a tent, blow a trumpet, clap one's hands (70)  

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