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1348 Black Plage  
1492 Colombus  
1588 Defeat of the Spanish Armada  
1620 Jamestown  
1770 Boston Massacre  
1783 Treaty of Paris  
1803 Lousianna Purchashe  
1789 Ratify the Constitution  
1845 Texas Becomes a State  
1857 Dread Scott Case  
1860 Civil War  
1865 End of Civil War, Lincoln Assasinated, 13th Amendment  
1863 Gettysburg  
1879 Eddison Invents the Lightbulb  
1917 war on germany  
1919 Treaty of Paris  
1927 Linburg Trans Atlantic Flight  
1929 Stock Market Crash  
1939 England and France  
1941 Pearl Harbor  
1944 Atomic Bomb on Hiroshema- D- Day  
1945 Victory Over Japan and Germany  
1948 Jews invated Palestein 2 establish israli state.  
1963 J.F.K. assasinated  
1969 Walk on the Moon  
1989 Fall of Berlin  
2000 Bush Victory  
Aristocracy class rule  
Stalin Pres. of russia During WWII  
Epistomology How you know what you know  
Communism Power by Force  
Socialism Power by Election  
Mao Chairman on communism in China  
Republic Majority Ellects offical who then decides what to do w/ the gov.  
Hitler German Dictor that instagated the Holocaust  
Axis Vs Allies ax- German, Japan, Italy. al- Us. Uk. Ussr  

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