ocabulary checklist for Chapter 3 of Greek to GCSE

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ἀγαθος -η -ον good  
ἀει always  
Ἀθηναιος -α -ον Athenian  
ἀνδρειος -α -ον brave  
ἀπο from (+ gen)  
ἀποθνῃσκω I die  
ἀρα; (introduces a question, e.g. Is it ...?)  
γαρ for  
γιγνωσκω I get to know  
δε but, and  
δεινος -η -ον strange, terrible  
διοτι because  
ἐθελω I wish, I am willing  
ἐκ (ἐξ) out of (+ gen)  
ἐκει there  
ἐλαυνω I drive  
ἐλευθερος -α -ον free  
ἐν in (+ dat)  
ἐνθαδε here  
ἐχθρος -α -ον hostile  
θαυμαζω I am amazed (at), I admire  
κακος -η -ον bad  
καλος -η -ον fine, beautiful  
κελευω I order  
μεν...δε (expresses contrast, e.g. on the one hand ... on the other, or just ... , but ... )  
μεντοι however  
μικρος -α -ον small  
νεος -α -ον new  
νυν now  
οὐν therefore  
ὀφθαλμος -ου ὁ eye  
παρεχω I produce, I provide  
πειθω I persuade  
πιστευω I trust, I believe (+ dat)  
πολλακις often  
ποτε; when?  
που; where?  
προτερον before, previously  
πως; how?  
σοφος -η -ον wise, clever  
φαινω I show  
φιλιος -α -ον friendly  
χαλεπος -η -ον difficult, dangerous  
O (or omit; used + voc, to addresses someone)  

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