Acronyms used by the WA Deaf Community

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DA Deaf Australia  
AFDS Australian Federation of Deaf Societies  
AHS Australian Hearing Service  
ASLIA Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association  
AUSLAN Australian Sign Language  
BHA Better Hearing Association  
CODA Child of a Deaf Adult  
DDA Disability Discrimination Act  
DRA Deaf Resources Australia  
DSA Deaf Sport Australia  
LEAP Language Early Access Program  
NRS National Relay Service  
NAATI National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters  
TTY Telephone Typewriter  
WAAD Western Australian Association of the Deaf  
WADRA Western Australian Deaf Recreation Association  
WADS Western Australian Deaf Society  
WAIDE Western Australian Institute of Deaf Education  
WFD World Federation of the Deaf  
NABS National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service  
WADSA Western Australian Disabled Sports Association  
SODA Sibling/Spouse of Deaf Adult  
KODA Kid of Deaf Adult  
NERD Not Even Related to the Deaf  
ASL American Sign Language  
BSL British Sign Language  
NWPC National Working Party on Captioning  
ACC Australian Caption Centre  
PUSH Parents United to Support Hearing Impaired Children  
DOAT Diploma of Auslan Teaching  
COAT Certificate of Auslan Teaching  
MPSDC Mosman Park School for Deaf Children  

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