latin vocabulary chapter 2

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fama, famae rumor, report; fame, reputation  
forma, formae form, shape; beauty  
fortuna, fortunae fortune, luck  
ira, irae ire, anger  
nauta, nautae sailor  
patria, patriae fatherland, native land, country  
pecunia, -ae money  
philosophia, -ae philosophy  
poena, -ae penalty, punishment  
poenas dare to pay the penalty  
poeta, -ae poet  
porta, -ae gate, entrance  
puella, -ae girl  
rosa, -ae rose  
sententia, -ae feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence  
vita, -ae life, mode of life  
antiqua, -ae ancient, old time  
magna, -ae large, great, important  
mea, -ae my  
multa, -ae much, many  
tua, -ae your  
et and both...and  
sed but  
sine + ablative without  
est is  

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