Wheelock latin vocabulary

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ager, agri field, farm  
agricola farmer  
amica, -ae and amicus, -i friend  
femina, -ae woman  
filia, -ae daughter  
filius, filii son  
numerus, -i number  
populus, -i the people, a people, a nation  
puer, pueri boy  
sapientia, -ae wisdom  
vir, viri man, hero  
avarus (m), avara (f) greedy  
pauci (m), paucae(f) few, a few  
Romanus(m), Romana(f) Roman  
de +ablative down from, from, concerning, about  
in +ablative in, on  
hodie today  
semper always  
habeo, habere, habui, habitum to have, hold, possess, consider, regard  
satio to satisfy, sate  

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