Vocab from chapter 2 of FNTG

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ἄγγελος messenger, angel  
ἀδελφός brother  
ἄνθρωπος human being, humanity, person  
δοῦλος slave, servant  
εὐαγγέλιον good news, gospel  
θάνατος death  
θεός God, god; goddess  
Ἰησοῦς Jesus  
καρπός fruit, harvest, yield, result  
κύριος lord, sir; Lord  
λαός people  
λόγος word, message  
ὁδός way, road  
οἶκος house  
οὐρανός heaven  
ὀφθαλμός eye, sight  
ὄχλος crowd, multitude  
σάββατον sabbath  
υἱός son  
Χριστός messiah, Christ  
ἅγιος holy, pure  
ἄλλος other, another (of similar kind)  
ἴδιος one's own  
καλός good, beautiful, useful  
μόνος only, alone  
νεκρός dead  
ὅλος whole, entire  
πονηρός evil, bad  
πρῶτος first  
γάρ for  
διά through, by (genitive); because of (accusative)  
δύο two  
εἰμί, ἐστί I am, he/she/it is  
ἐν in, in the realm of; by means of (dative)  
ἰδού behold, lo  
καί and, even, also  
καὶ…καί both...and  
ὅτι because, that, so that  
πρός to, toward (genitive); to, toward, at (dative); to, toward, with, at (accusative)  
ἔργον work, deed  
ἀγαθός good  
ἕτερος other, another (of a different kind)  
κακός bad, evil  

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