Python 2.7 Internet Protocols and Support Modules

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Convenient Web-browser controller webbrowser  
Common Gateway Interface support cgi  
Traceback manager for CGI scripts cgitb  
WSGI Utilities and Reference Implementation wsgiref  
Open arbitrary resources by URL urllib  
extensible library for opening URLs urllib2  
HTTP protocol client httplib  
FTP protocol client ftplib  
POP3 protocol client poplib  
IMAP4 protocol client imaplib  
NNTP protocol client nntplib  
SMTP protocol client smtplib  
SMTP Server smtpd  
Telnet client telnetlib  
UUID objects according to RFC 4122 uuid  
Parse URLs into components urlparse  
A framework for network servers SocketServer  
Basic HTTP server BaseHTTPServer  
Simple HTTP request handler SimpleHTTPServer  
CGI-capable HTTP request handler CGIHTTPServer  
Cookie handling for HTTP clients cookielib  
HTTP state management Cookie  
XML-RPC client access xmlrpclib  
Basic XML-RPC server SimpleXMLRPCServer  
Self-documenting XML-RPC server DocXMLRPCServer  

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