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abrir to open  
aceptar to accept  
adorar to worship, to adore  
alcanzar to reach  
alquilar to rent  
amar to love (people, animals)  
andar to walk  
anunciar to announce  
aprender to learn  
asistir (a) to assist  
atacar to attack  
ayudar to help  
bailar to dance  
bajar to descend, to lower, to get off transportation  
beber to drink  
besar to kiss  
cambiar to change/exchange  
cantar to sing  
cenar to have dinner  
cocinar to cook  
comer to eat  
comprar to buy  
comprender to understand  
correr to run  
creer to believe  
cumplir to accomplish  
contestar to answer  
dejar to leave behind, to let, allow  
desear to desire, to wish  
disfrutar (de) y gozar (de) to enjoy  
dudar to doubt  
despachar to send out  
empujar to push  
ensenar to teach  
escuchar to listen to  
esperar to hope for, to wait for  
esquiar to ski  
estudiar to study  
entrar (en) to enter  
explicar to explain  
fumar to smoke  
ganar to gain, to win  
guardar to guard, to keep  
hablar to speak, to talk  
invitar to invite  
insistir (en) to insist upon  
lanzar to throw  

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