Japanese Vocabulary to earn yellow belt

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Attention! Kiyotsuke!  
Bow Rei  
Begin! Hajime!  
Stop! Matte!  
Practice hall for judo Dojo  
Teacher Sensei  
Sitting on knees Seiza  
Sitting crossed legged Anza  
Following foot walking Tsugi Ashi  
Normal walking Ayumi Ashi  
Judo uniform Judogi/Gi  
Judo practitioner or player Judoka  
Person performing technique Tori  
Person receiving technique Uke  
Left Hidari  
Right Migi  
Falling methods or ways Ukemi  
Falling methods to the rear Koho Ukemi  
Forward rolling falling Zempo Kaiten Ukemi  
Free practice Randori  
Formal pre-arranged routine practice Kata  
Tournament Shiai  
(Straw, Japanese) judo mats Tatami  
Hold-down! (referee's call) Osae Komi!  
Hold-down broken! (referee's call) Toketa  
One point! (referee's award) Ippon!  
Almost ippon! (referee's award, 1/2 point) Waza Ari!  
Near waza-ari!(referee's award) Yuko!  
Penalty Shido (revised)
That is all! (referee's call) Sore made!  
Sixth class (kyu) judo rank Rokyu/Rokkyu  
Yes! Hai!  
No! Iie!  
Please Onegai Shimasu  
Thank you Domo Arigato  

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