Vocabulary cards for my English II class

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ameliorate become better; make better; improve  
detriment injury, damage, or something that causes it  
folly lack of good sense; foolish  
ignoramus ignorant, stupid person  
impediment something that hinders or obstructs  
indolent disposed to avoid exertion; lazy  
noncarcinogenic not producing, or tending to produce, cancer  
parsimonious unduly sparing in the spending of money; cheap  
raze destroy utterly by tearing down; demolish; level  
reticent inclined to be silent or secretive  
retort answer; reply sharply or angrily  
subvert overturn or overthrow from the foundation  
tractable easily led, taught, or controlled  
ebullient overflowing with enthusiasm  
exhort arouse by words; urge  
gall make sore; annoy  
inane lacking significance or sense  
indemnify compensate for loss, damage, or injury  
Occident Countries of America and Europe  
peruse read; look at fairly attentively; study  
scuffle wrestle; struggle in a a rough and confused manner  
spurn thrust aside with disdain or contempt; reject  
stipend fixed pay for services; salary  
tepid moderately warm  
wane decrease in power or size  

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