parts of the humerus in your arm

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head big ball on end, proximal  
anatomical neck under head, slight constriction  
surgical neck neck at beginning of shaft  
greater tubercle lateral, bump behind head  
lesser tubercle anterior, bump next to head  
intertubercular sulcus (bicipital groove) groove between the tubercles  
shaft/body middle, long area  
deltoid tuberosity lateral, midway down shaft, rough spot  
radial groove spiral, posterior to deltoid tuberosity  
nutrient foramen dark pinpoint hole just past half-shaft  
supracondylar lines (medial/lateral) 2 lines, edges where they go out, near bottom of humerous  
lateral epicondyle bump on lateral condyle, smaller  
medial epicondyle bump on medial condyle, bigger  
trochlea spool of thread, posterior  
capitulum ball, seen anteriorly on bottom of bone, lateral  
ulnar groove distal and posterior at base of medial epicondyle  
olecranon fossa large depression on back of bone  
radial fossa small anterior depression, proximal to capitulum  
coronoid fossa small anterior depression, proximal to trochlea  

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