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What is Advertising? a paid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization and/or its products that is transmitted to a target audience through a mass medium  
3 Characteristics of Advertising 1) paid 2) non-personal 3) uses a mass medium  
7 Uses of Advertising 1)promote products & organizations 2)stimulate primary demand and selective demand 3)offset competitors' advertising 4)help salespeople 5)increase uses of a product 6)remind and reinforce 7)reduce sales fluctuation  
What is Pioneer Advertising focuses on stimulating demand for a product category (rather than a specific brand)--companies use this type of advertising when introducing a new product (in situations where they don't have competition)  
What is the difference between Primary Demand and Selective Demand? Primary demand involves customers' desires for a type of product. Selective demand involves customers' desires for a particular brand.  
What type of advertising is used to stimulate primary demand? pioneer advertising  
What types of advertising are used to stimulate selective demand? competitive advertising and comparative advertising  
What is Competitive Advertising? Advertising that focuses on the features, advantages, and benefits available with a particular brand. (It focuses on what competitors don't have.)  
What is Comparative Advertising? Advertising that compares two brands of the product.  
How can we offset competitors' advertising? Use defensive advertising. (Example: Made-in-USA products in retail stores)  
In what way does advertising help salespeople? Advertising helps them to identify prospects.  
What is an example of advertising to increase uses of a product? Baking soda--can be used for baking, cleaning, and deodorizing purposes.  
What is Reminder Advertising? Reminder advertising helps customers know that products still exist.  
What is Reinforcement Advertising? Reinforcement advertising lets people know that they made the right decision in buying the product.  
Give an example of using advertising to reduce sales fluctuations. Pizza--because pizza is ordered more on the weekends, pizza places advertise to convince people to order it during the week.  
8 Steps of the Advertising Process 1)identify & analyze target audience 2)define advertising objectives 3)create advertising platform 4)determine advertising appropriation 5)develop media plan 6)create advertising messages 7)execute the campaign 8)evaluate advertising effectiveness  
3 Characteristics of Good Advertising Objectives 1)clear 2)precise 3)measurable  
What is the Advertising Platform? The major issues or selling points to be addressed in the ad campaign.  
4 Approaches to Advertising Appropriation 1)objective-and-task 2)percent-of-sales 3)competition-matching 4)arbitrary  
Explain the Objective-and-Task Advertising Appropriation Approach Marketers first determine the objectives of the campaign, then they identify the tasks that must be completed to achieve those objectives, then they estimate the costs of completing those tasks.  
Explain the Percent-of-Sales Advertising Appropriation Approach Sets the advertising budget based on a percentage of past or predicted sales.  
Explain the Competition-Matching Advertising Appropriation Approach Tries to match the advertising budgets of competitors.  
Explain the Arbitrary Advertising Appropriation Approach An executive sets the budget.  
What is a media plan? A plan that describes the media vehicles a company will use. (Which tv stations, radio stations, magazines, etc. the firm will use for advertising.)  
2 Components of the Advertising Message 1)copy 2)artwork  
4 Components of Copy 1)headline: most people only read this 2)subheadline: connects headline and body copy 3)body copy: features, advantages, benefits, call to action 4)signature  
4 Components of a Signature 1)name 2)address 3)TM 4)logo  
2 Components of Artwork 1)illustration 2)layout  
What is the purpose of an illustration? To communicate an idea quickly  
What is the layout? It is the physical arrangement of the copy and illustration.  

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