Vocabulary for my English II class

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abhorrent in conflict; utterly opposed; loathsome  
admonish reprove gently but seriously  
ambrosial extremely pleasing to taste or smell  
ephemeral lasting one day only  
insomnia inability to sleep  
probe critical inquiry into suspected illegal activity  
render hand down officially  
snub act or instance of treating with contempt  
suture strand or fiber used to sew parts of the living body  
acquit 1. relieve from an accusation 2. perform one's part  
consign give, transfer, or deliver, as if by signing over  
effrontery shameless boldness; insolence  
excruciating causing great pain or anguish  
forbearance act of refraining; patience  
nettlesome causing annoyance or vexation  
prodigious extraordinary in amount or size  
salutary favorable to health  
scrutinize examine very closely  
supersede force out of use  
sweltering oppressively hot  
unruffled not upset or agitated; cool  
unwieldy hard to handle because of size or weight  
zany having the characteristics of a clown; crazy; loony  

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