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Define Clinical psychology involves research, teaching nd services relevent to the applications of principles, methods, and procedures for understanding predicting and alleveating intellectual emotional biological, psychological, social and behavioral malajustment, disability and discomfort.  
What are the two main domains research/ theory and application  
Assessment, therapy, and prevention assessment- figureing out the problem where did it steam from. Therapy- a relationship between client patient and therapist designed primarily to reduce the clients psychological symptoms  
what is unique from social psychology and counseling psychology clinical psychology deals with individuals who have a higher degree of dysfunction  
who is philippe pinel? his work was a milestone in the development of psychitry, the mental health approch, and ultimately of clinical psych.  
William Tuke he established a model hospital for the humane treatment of the sick and troubled in America  
who is Dorothea Dix campaigned for better facilites for the mentally ill useding logic facts and public sentiment  
Sir Frances Galton established a anthropometric labratory in 1882, he coined the term mental test  
Wilhelm Wundt established the first psycho. lab in 1879  
James McKeen Cattell brought the thought of assesment to America (mental tests)  
Alfred Binet created the Binet- Simon Scale 1905  
David Wechsler Wechsler- Bellevue intelligence scale, 1939  
projectives orginated with Galton, Jung  
Hermann Rorschach inkblot test, 10  
Henry Murray Thematic Apperception test 1935  
Robert Woodworth Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory 1940  
Diagnostic and statistical manual of Mental Disorders published by American Psychiatric Association first published in 1952  
behavioral assessment influence of situation or context  
Neurpsychological assessment- understanging the problem to brain functioning  
jean charot hypnosis  
josef Breuer and Sigmund Freud the anna O. case, hysteria  
Clifford Beers A mind tht found itself- the mental hygiene movement in america  
WWII and beyound Freudian movement- clinical psychologist began to reduce their emphasis on the assessment of intelligence, became more interested in peronality develpment and its description  
Therapy in Clinical psychology prior to 1950- predominantly psychoanalytic, influence of learning theory on therpy, rise of behaviorism Criticisms of psychoanalytic theory led to the development of client centered therapy  
what is psychodynamic Theory 1. A theory of Abnormal psychology, of personality, human development, and psychotherapy  
who are some influences of Freud? Jean Charcot (hypnosis), and Josef Breur (anna O)  
What are the major assumtions of psychodynamic therapy psychic dterminism and unconsicious motivation  
what is psychic determinism idea that everything we do is for a reason  
what is unconsicious motivations goal of therpy: make the unconscious conscious  
What are the psychosexual stages of develpment? oral, anal, phallic, latency, and Genital  
oral stage process of weaning  
anal stage tolit training ( anal retentive) (anal explosive)  
phallic stage oedipus conflict  
genital stage puberty to adulthood  
what is the personality structure of Psychodynamic Therpy Id, Ego and Superego  
the Id the type of thinking illogicl, emotional irrational (driven by pleasure principle)  
the ego type of thinking logical, rational (drivin by reality principle)  
the super ego type of thinking conscious drivin by moral principals  
reality anxiety fear  
neurotic anxiety id nd ego are in conflict) expericing nervouseness when we are around someone we like  
moral anxiety eating disorders  
Repression when we push things down to our unconsuouse  
Denial a person insistence that things are not what they are  
displacement we redirect our impulses on to something that is not threatening  
Rationalization when person experience stress but is ok cuz of x y and z for example when a women is in an abusive realationship  
sumblimation when someone channels their own unexpetable problems on to a entertainment  
reaction formulation coop with anxiety by our emphasizing the opposite (catholic priest molesting lil boys  
Carl Rogers formualted a series of propositions that set the tone for client centered view of personality he was influenced by Otto Rand and Jessie Taft  
Phenomenology Emphasis on clients experience and phenomenal self ( in a sense then self esteem becomes the fountainhead of behavior  
Client centered therapy therapy tools- Empthy, unconditional positive regard, congruence  
Existential Therapy rejects the mechnistic views of the Freudians and instead sees people as engaged in a search for meaning.  
the goals of existenial therapy is to help the individual reach a point at which awareness and decision making can be exercised responsibly  
Logotherapy influenced by Freudin, this technique encourges the client to find meaning in what appears to be callous, uncaring and meaningless world created by viktor Frankl  
two tools of logotherapy Paradoxical intention- client is told to consciously attempt to perform the very behavior or response that is the object of anxiety or concern. de-reflection- client is told to ignore a troublesome behavior or symptom  
Fritz Perls founder of Gestalt therapy  
Gestalt therapy focus is the conceptualization of the person as an organized whole not as a disjointed collection of emotions the individual must develop an awareness notjust themselves but also of the ways in which they defeat themselves  
Behavior Therapy this apporch can be paired with other pproches for example humanistic psychology  
Operant conditioning the process of changing behavior by following a respons with reinforcement nd punishment  
Classical condition the process by which an organ lerns to assosite two paired stimuli for example pavolo dogs  
Watson did a study over lil albert lil afraid of furring things, peter reconditioning  
Wope systematic desensitization- if you teach sombody to be relaxed we can not be stressed and relaxed or anxiouse and relaxed  
deterministic we are not in control of development goal- re learning, behavior + reinforcment = behavior in future-- Behavior+ punishment = lower occurence of behavior in the future  
therpy tools in systematic desensization focus on teaching relaxation skills and anixety hierarchy- list of provoking anxiety with the bottom of the list being the lowest anxiety level exposure  
exposure therapy exposure to feared stimulus, panic disorder expose patients to panic symptoms in session  
Behvior rehersal- practice the behavior for example public speaking  
Aversion Therapy is the idea that you can pair a problematic problem with a punisher example you take a pill that will mke you ill when you drink alcohol  
Contribution focus on a specific stradegies for a specific problem , short term, something that can be tested we con see it working  
challenges dosent account for free will only as affeictive s the client wants it to be  
Albert Bandure (cognitive theory) bobo doll experiment we can learn though observation  
Julian Rotter Expectiancies, motivtion - when people learn something n individual learned expectanciess for ex. lil albert learnd that when seeing something furry he would here a loud noise  
Albert Bandure (cognitive theory) bobo doll experiment we can learn though observation  
Julian Rotter Expectiancies, motivtion - when people learn something n individual learned expectanciess for ex. lil albert learnd that when seeing something furry he would here a loud noise  
what is Cognitive therapy locus of control- to believe we can manipulte our fate, External Locus- have no control of fate  
Aaron Beck founder of cognitive therapy automatic thoughts  
Albert Ellis founder of rational emotive therapy "your mental or thoughts affect your emotions"  
Irrational Belifs awfulizing/ horriblizing, low frustration tolerance, demandingness, "shoulding" and musturbation  
Cognitive therapy tools modeling, rational resstructuring, stress inocultion training, and dialectic behavior therapy  

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