Organizational Behavior

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Define Values they represent basic convictions that "a specific mode of conduct or end-state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite or converse mode of conduct or end-state of existence".  
Values have both ______ and _____ attributes. content and intensity.  
Content attribuite says.. that a mode of conduct or and end-state is important.  
The intensity attribuite... specifics how important it is.  
Define Value System hierarchy system of values. identified by the relative importance we assign to values such as freedom, pleasure, self-respect, honesty, obedience, and equality.  
Why are values important in OB? they lay the foundation for our understanding of people's attitudes and motivation and because they influence our perceptions. Generally influence attitudes and behavior.  
The Rokeach Value Survey contains two sets of values, each containing 18 individual value items, what are they? terminal and instrumental values.  
What are terminal values? refer to desirable end-states. These are the goals a person would like to achieve during his or her lifetime.  
What are instrumental values? refer to preferable modes of behavior, or means of achieving the terminal values.  
4 Cohort groups used to capture unique values of different generations in the U.S. workforce 1)Veterans 2)Boomers 3)Xers 4)Nexters  
Veterans (also called traditionalists)Influenced by the Great Depression, WW2. Believed in hard work, the status quo and authority figures. Tend to be loyal, respectful, hard-working and practical.  
Boomers (baby boomers) large cohort born after WW2. Influenced heavily by the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the Beatles, the Vietnam War, and baby boom competition. Large measure of "hippie ethic" and distrust of authority. Emphasis on achievement and material success. Work hard and want to enjoy the fruit of their labor.  
Xers (Generation Xers) shaped by globalization, two career parents, MTV, AIDS< and computers. Value flexibility, life options, and achievement of job satisfaction. Family and relationships are important. Xers are skeptical, particularly to authority. Team-oriented work, money is indicator of career performance. Less willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of employer. On RVS, rate high on true friendships, happiness, and pleasure.  
Nexters most recent entrants to workforce. Also called, Netters, Millennials, Generation Yers, and Generations Nexters. Grew up during prosperous times. High expectations and seek meaning in their work. Have life goals oriented with becoming rich and famous. At ease with diversity, an are the first generation to take technology for granted. Have been described as needy. One described as high maintenance, but also high performing.  
personality-job fit theory The effort to match job requirements with personality characteristics, by John Holland.  
6 personality types-Hollands personality-job-fit theory 1)Realistic 2)Investigative 3)Social 4)Conventional 5)Enterprising 6)Artistic  
Characteristics of "Realistic" Personality type Shy, genuine, persistent, stable, conforming, practical  
Characteristics of "Investigative" personality type Analytical, original, curious, independent  
Characteristics of "Social" personality type Sociable, friendly, cooperative, understanding  
Characteristics of "Conventional" personality type conforming, efficient, practical, unimaginative, inflexible  
Characteristics of "Enterprising" personality type self-confident, ambitious, energetic, domineering  
Characteristics of "Artistic" personality type Imaginative, disorderly, idealistic, emotional, impractical  
Person-Organization fit argues that people are attracted to and selected by organizations that match their personalities, and they leave organizations that are not compatible with their personalities.  

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