Outline of Contents

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I. Israel Prepares to Enter the Land Numbers 1:1–10:10  
A. The first census Numbers 1:1–46  
B. The responsibilities of the Levites Numbers 1:47–54  
C. Israel in camp and on the march Numbers 2:1–34  
D. Two censuses of the Levites Numbers 3:1–4:49  
1. Census of all male Levites Numbers 3:1–51  
a. The sons of Aaron Numbers 3:1–4  
b. The duties of the Levites Numbers 3:5–10  
c. Reason for the Levitical census Numbers 3:11–13  
d. The clans’ numbers, positions, and responsibilities Numbers 3:14–39  
e. Redemption of the firstborn Numbers 3:40–51  
2. Census of mature Levites Numbers 4:1–49  
a. The tasks of the Kohathites Numbers 4:1–20  
b. The tasks of the Gershonites Numbers 4:21–28  
c. The tasks of the Merarites Numbers 4:29–33  
d. The results of the second census Numbers 4:34–49  
E. Cleansing the camp Numbers 5:1–6:27  
1. Exclusion of the unclean from the camp Numbers 5:1–4  
2. Atonement for perjury Numbers 5:5–10  
3. Test of suspected adultery Numbers 5:11–31  
4. Rules for Nazirites Numbers 6:1–21  
a. Definition of a Nazirite Numbers 6:1–6  
b. Nazirites and uncleanness Numbers 6:7–12  
c. Completion of a Nazirite vow Numbers 6:13–20  
d. Summary of the law Numbers 6:21  
5. The priestly blessing Numbers 6:22–27  
F. Offerings for the tabernacle Numbers 7:1–89  
G. The lampstand Numbers 8:1–4  
H. The dedication of the Levites Numbers 8:5–22  
I. The retirement of the Levites Numbers 8:23–26  
J. The second Passover Numbers 9:1–5  
K. The delayed Passover Numbers 9:6–14  
L. The moving cloud Numbers 9:15–23  
M. The silver trumpets Numbers 10:1–10  
II. Marching from Sinai to Kadesh Numbers 10:11–12:16  
A. Israel strikes camp at Sinai Numbers 10:11–28  
B. Request to Hobab to accompany Israel Numbers 10:29–32  
C. Three protests Numbers 11:1–12:16  
1. Taberah Numbers 11:1–3  
2. Kibroth-hattaavah Numbers 11:4–35  
3. The uniqueness of Moses Numbers 12:1–16  
III. Forty Years near Kadesh Numbers 13:1–19:22  
A. The mission of the spies and the national rebellion Numbers 13:1–14:45  
1. Spies sent out Numbers 13:1–16  
2. Mission accomplished Numbers 13:17–24  
3. The spies’ report of their mission Numbers 13:25–33  
4. The people’s reaction Numbers 14:1–12  
5. Moses’ plea for forgiveness Numbers 14:13–19  
6. God’s response to Moses’ prayer Numbers 14:20–35  
7. Death of the faithless spies Numbers 14:36–38  
8. An unsuccessful attempt at conquest Numbers 14:39–45  
B. The law-giving at Kadesh Numbers 15:1–41  
1. Meal, oil, and wine to accompany sacrifice Numbers 15:1–16  
2. The dough offering Numbers 15:17–21  
3. Sacrifices for unintentional sins Numbers 15:22–31  
4. A sabbathbreaker executed Numbers 15:32–36  
5. Tassels on clothes Numbers 15:37–41  
C. The rebellion of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Numbers 16:1–50  
1. The complaints of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram Numbers 16:1–15  
2. The death of the Kohathite supporters of Korah Numbers 16:16–19, 35–40  
3. The death of the ringleaders and their families Numbers 16:20–34  
4. Judgment averted by Aaron Numbers 16:41–50  
D. Aaron’s blossoming staff Numbers 17:1–13  
E. Duties and privileges of priests and Levites Numbers 18:1–32  
1. Guard duties in and around the tabernacle Numbers 18:1–7  
2. The priests’ income Numbers 18:8–20  
3. The Levites’ income Numbers 18:21–24  
4. The tithe of the tithe Numbers 18:25–32  
F. Cleansing from death Numbers 19:1–22  
1. The recipe for producing the cleansing ash Numbers 19:1–10  
2. The cleansing procedure Numbers 19:11–22  
IV. Marching from Kadesh to the Plains of Moab Numbers 20:1–21:35  
A. Regrouping at Kadesh Numbers 20:1  
B. Rebellion at Meribah Numbers 20:2–13  
C. Encounter with Edom Numbers 20:14–21  
D. The death of Aaron Numbers 20:22–29  
E. First victory over the Canaanites Numbers 21:1–3  
F. The bronze snake Numbers 21:4–9  
G. Through Transjordan Numbers 21:10–20  
H. Victory over Sihon Numbers 21:21–30  
I. The campaign against Og, king of Bashan Numbers 21:31–35  
V. Israel in the Plains of Moab Numbers 22:1–36:13  
A. Balak, Balaam, and Israel Numbers 22:1–24:25  
1. Balak summons Balaam Numbers 22:1–6  
2. Balaam turns down Balak’s first invitation Numbers 22:7–14  
3. Balaam accepts Balak’s second invitation Numbers 22:15–21  
4. The donkey and the angel Numbers 22:22–35  
5. Balak greets Balaam Numbers 22:36–40  
6. Balaam blesses Israel three times Numbers 22:41–24:14  
a. The first blessing Numbers 22:41–23:12  
b. The second blessing Numbers 23:13–30  
c. The third blessing Numbers 24:1–14  
7. Balaam’s final oracle Numbers 24:15–19  
8. Three cryptic predictions Numbers 24:20–25  
B. Apostasy at Peor Numbers 25:1–18  
C. The second census Numbers 26:1–65  
D. Laws for the land Numbers 27:1–30:16  
1. The daughters of Zelophehad Numbers 27:1–11  
2. Joshua commissioned as Moses’ successor Numbers 27:12–23  
3. Calendar of public sacrifices Numbers 28:1–29:40  
a. The daily offering Numbers 28:1–8  
b. The Sabbath offerings Numbers 28:9–10  
c. The new moon sacrifices Numbers 28:11–15  
d. The Feast of Unleavened Bread Numbers 28:16–25  
e. The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) Numbers 28:26–31  
f. The first day of the seventh month Numbers 29:1–6  
g. The Day of Atonement Numbers 29:7–11  
h. The Feast of Booths Numbers 29:12–38  
i. Clarification and summary Numbers 29:39–40  
4. The obligations of vows Numbers 30:1–16  
a. Men and vows Numbers 30:1–2  
b. Women and vows Numbers 30:3–5  
c. Vows made by a woman before her marriage Numbers 30:6–8  
d. Widows and divorcees Numbers 30:9  
e. Vows made by a woman after her marriage Numbers 30:10–16  
E. Retribution on Midian Numbers 31:1–54  
1. The Lord’s campaign of vengeance against Midian Numbers 31:1–12  
2. Moses’ anger with his officers Numbers 31:13–18  
3. Purification for uncleanness Numbers 31:19–24  
4. Dividing the spoils Numbers 31:25–47  
5. Head count and atonement Numbers 31:48–54  
F. The settlement in Transjordan Numbers 32:1–42  
G. Summary of Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan Numbers 33:1–56  
H. The boundaries of Canaan Numbers 34:1–15  
1. The southern border Numbers 34:1–5  
2. The western border Numbers 34:6  
3. The northern border Numbers 34:7–9  
4. The eastern border Numbers 34:10–15  
5. The distributors of the land Numbers 34:16–29  
6. Cities for the Levites Numbers 35:1–8  
I. The cities of refuge Numbers 35:9–34  
1. The selection and purpose of these cities Numbers 35:9–15  
2. Homicide that warrants the death penalty Numbers 35:16–21  
3. Homicide that does not deserve death Numbers 35:22–29  
4. Final points Numbers 35:30–34  
5. Zelophehad’s daughters marry Numbers 36:1–13  

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