APUSH test, chapter 3

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Stono Uprising 150 South Carolina blacks revolted and killed several white planters before being killed themselves by the local militia  
Charles II King of England  
Navigation Acts Attempted to eliminate the Dutch from American trade  
Nathaniel Bacon led Bacons Rebellion  
Staple Act Said goods shipped to English colonies had to pass through England  
William Berkeley Governor of Virginia during Bacons Rebellion  
Jacob Leisler took control of NY before he was arrested and executed by Henry Sloughter  
John Coode led a revolt againt the catholic governor  
Great Migration the movement of 2 million blacks out of th south to escape racism and get jobs  
Anthony Johnson indentured servant who became a free tobacco farmer who had his own slave  
Mercantilism a nation should export more than it imports and accumulate gold to make up for the difference  
Board of trade examined colonial legislation and recommended that laws that conflicted with trade be stopped  
Royal African Company a British slave trading company  
Increase Mather puritan minister that was involved with the salem witch trials  
Edmund Andros governor of NY  
Sumptuary Law laws that attempt to restrain luxury or extravagance  
Plantation duty An act that attempted to force planters to only work with England and the English colonies  
Half way convenant form of church membership in new england that was created because they thought people were drifting away from their religious purposes  

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