Jeremy Duff: The Elements of NT Greek

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ἀγω I lead, bring  
ἀκουω I hear, listen to  
βαλλω I throw  
βλεπω I see, watch  
διδασκω I teach  
ἐχω I have, hold  
λαμβανω I take, receive  
λεγω I say, speak, tell  
λυω I untie  
ζητεω I seek  
καλεω I call  
λαλεω I speak, say  
ποιεω I do, make  
τηρεω I keep  
φιλεω I love, like  
ἀγγελος messenger, angel  
ἀδελφος brother  
ἀρτος bread  
δουλος slave  
θεος god, God  
κοσμος world  
κυριος lord, master, sir  
λογος word, message  
νομος law  
οἰκος household, house  
οὐρανος heaven  
υἱος son  
Χριστος Christ, Messiah  
το the  
ἀνθρωπος human being, person  
λαος a people, nation  

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