Jeremy Duff: The Elements of NT Greek

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ἀπο (+gen) away from (revised)
δια (+acc) because of; (+gen) through (revised)
εἰς (+acc) into (revised)
ἐκ (+gen) out of, from (revised)
ἐν (+dat) in (revised)
ἐνωπιον (+gen) in front of, in the presence of (revised)
ἐξω (+gen) outside (revised)
ἐπι (+acc) onto; (+gen) on, in the time of; (+dat) on, in, on the basis of (revised)
ἑως (+gen) until (revised)
κατα (+acc) according to; (+gen) against (revised)
μετα (+acc) after; (+gen) with (revised)
παρα (+acc) alongside; (+gen) from beside; (+dat) beside (revised)
περι (+acc) around, approximately; (+gen) concerning, about (revised)
προ (+gen) before (revised)
προς (+acc) to, towards (revised)
συν (+dat) together with (revised)
ὑπερ (+acc) above; (+gen) on behalf of (revised)
ὑπο (+acc) under; (+gen) by, at the hands of (revised)
ἀναβλεπω I look up, receive sight  
ἀπολυω I set free, divorce, dismiss  
ἐκβαλλω I drive out, cast out, throw out  
ἐπικαλεω I call upon, name  
κατοικεω I dwell, inhabit, live  
παρακαλεω I exhort, request, comfort, encourage  
παραλαμβανω I take, receive  
περιπατεω I walk about, live  
προσκυνεω (+dat) I worship (revised)
συναγω I gather, bring together  
ὑπαγω I depart  
πως how?  
που where?  
οὐ not  
οὐκ not  
οὐχ not  

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